Orders are shipped Monday through Friday, excluding major holidays. We typically process an order as quickly as we receive it. In most cases, we process an order within 2 business days. Most orders arrive within 5-10 business days for orders within the US and 8-14 business days for orders to Canada.
Once your order has been shipped, you will receive online tracking information via email.
Tax will be applied to your order and reflected by the total cost upon checkout. Shipping fee will be calculated at checkout. When you spend over $50 USD, the shipping fee will be waived for orders from US and Canada.
We currently ship within the United States, and to Canada. For Canada orders, all shipping rates are set by our carrier, but we are actively working on ways to reduce them.
Please notify us immediately by emailing info@biozn.com to be considered for a replacement. We will open an investigation with our carrier to attempt to recover the package, which will take a minimum of 48 hours to resolve. If the package cannot be recovered, we will file a claim with our carrier. Full or partial refunds will only be given to orders for which the carrier has approved our claim. This process may take some time before it is completed. In the majority of cases, if our carrier determines that your package has been delivered, we are unable to ship a replacement. In the event this occurs, please contact us immediately so we may evaluate your request for a re ship.
When the order arrives, please inspect it for any damage that may have occurred during shipment. If you determine you have received damaged or unusable items, please retain the box, the packing materials and the items inside. Please contact us immediately at info@biozn.com in the event that damages do occur. Please provide us with your order number and photos of all damaged items, so our team can assess the claim and take the proper steps to help find a satisfactory solution.
While we understand that sometimes it takes a few tries to realize a product isn’t right for your skin, we will not accept returns or exchanges for any items where more than half of the product has been used
We are unable to process returns for our retail partners. We encourage you to contact the retailer directly to inquire about their return policy.
Please allow 3-5 business days for inspection upon receipt of your return. Following inspection, we’ll notify you as to whether or not the criteria for a full or partial refund have been met. Please allow 5-7 business days for your refund to post to your account once it has been approved.
The key ingredients of Biozn products were developed over 27 years ago by a research laboratory in the USA. In addition, toxicology tests were conducted to make sure the safety of all Biozn ingredients. Beginning in the late 80’s family members, friends, and business associates were the first users of Biozn products. In 2005 we launched the Biozn sale worldwide through a website.
Please refer to the instruction on the Biozn product box or bottle.
All Biozn products are alcohol-free, fragrance-free, and super gentle. They do not cause skin irritation.
Although Biozn products are designed for external use only. All ingredients are non-toxic and safe. They won’t cause any harm to your health if you accidently swallow a small amount. However, if you accidentally drink or swallow a very large amount of Biozn products and start to feel sick, please contact healthcare professionals for help.
When you apply Biozn on your skin, you may first feel a little sticky. Unless you use too much at one time, the sticky feeling will disappear after a couple of minutes. Upon applying Biozn products, a very thin film will be formed immediately on the topical skin to prevent moisture loss. Specially formulated, this film enhances mineral zinc binding polypeptide and stimulates collagen regeneration.
Biozn Anti-Aging (All-in-One) serum works as a combination of gentle exfoliating toner and anti-aging moisturizer. This product is scientifically engineered to include Zinc compounds, which can effectively oxygenate skin cells and quickly stimulate collagen regeneration. Continued use of Biozn Anti-Aging serum will promote youthful and healthy skin without any side effects!
Biozn Oral Care contains Zinc compounds. Together with ascorbate acid, Biozn Oral Care reduces or prevents plaque building, stimulates collagen production, and ultimately repairs damaged gum tissues. In addition, Biozn Oral care is alcohol-free and chlorhexidine-free. Many home-care dental products contain chlorhexidine. Regular chlorhexidine use can increase plaque, stain teeth, and cause alteration in taste.
Our Acne Healer can treat persistent acne and leaves no scars.